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Lutheran Men in Mission
Mission Statement:
We, the SCSW-LMM Volunteer Task Force, by God's grace, will provide and facilitate communications to congregations about opportunities that will allow them to network, link, share and grow their men's ministries with their brothers from other congregations of the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin.

What is the ministry of Lutheran Men in Mission (LMM)?
Lutheran Men in Mission is a men's ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We are building a dynamic ministry addressing the needs of men of all ages. The program is clearly focused on men only, and creates an environment that is "safe" for men. The program allows men to build trusting relationships with other Christian men, and is open and non-threatening to un-churched men. For more information about LMM events, resources and ministry ideas, go to

Synod LMM Task Force Congregation and
Cluster/Area Visits
The Synod LMM Task Force will visit synod congregations to share men’s ministry resources and ideas. We will focus on materials and events from Lutheran Men in Mission, including the latest on ministering to young men. Regional/local events and ideas will also be discussed. Visits/Presentations can be setup to best fit the congregation’s schedule and/or situation. The Task Force is also seeking congregations to co-host cluster/area events that will include men from their neighboring churches. The Task Force is also gathering and sharing men’s ministry events and ideas from our congregations. We need information about successful programs, projects or events that involve the men of your church, young and old. If your congregation can share or would like to discuss a Task Force visit, please contact Lon Buss, Synod SCSW-ELCA LMM Task Force Leader, via e-mail at For more information about the ministry of Lutheran Men in Mission, please go to

Resources & Books
Click here for information on these books.
Master Builders Bible for Men, 2nd Edition
Spanish New Testament
LMM has Spanish New Testaments in paperback available free of charge.
“Coming of Age: Exploring the Identity and Spirituality of Younger Men" by Dr. Rolland Martinson, Dr. Paul Hill and David Anderson.
“Man in the Mirror”, “No Man Left Behind” and
“Pastoring Men”

Heroic Quest for BoysLutheran Men in Mission Resource Available: Following Jesus
The LMM Synod Task Force has purchased a complete sample set of guides and participant manuals for Rev. Tim Wright's Following Jesus - A Heroic Quest for Boys to loan to interested congregations in our synod for their review before they purchase the complete package. Pastor Wright serves an ELCA congregation in Arizona and was a keynote speaker at the LMM Gathering in July. Interested persons should call or text Jim Schieble at (920) 763-3433.

2017 One Year to Live Retreat
September 14-16, 2018
Men of all ages yearn for real friendships & a closer relationship with Christ
Join us & be...
- adventurous & courageous
- genuine & spiritual

Look forward to:
- banding together & being challenged
- examining your life & making decisions

Be prepared for a spiritual bootcamp.  This 45 hour experience is not for the faint of heart!
Click here to download 2017 brochure

2017 Lutheran Men in Mission "Bold Gathering"
July 21-23; Minneapolis, MN
For more information go to:

Questions About LMM?
If you have any questions or comments related to the above information, please contact Jim Schieble, our SCSW-ELCA LMM Task Force Leader, at

For more information on Lutheran Men in Mission
and upcoming events, visit the LMM website:

For more information on men's ministry resources, ideas and events
go to the Churchwide Lutheran Men in Mission Website at

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity-Sauk/Columbia and Thrivent Builds had a very good year in 2012. A home was built in Wyocena. It was done during an extreme heat wave with the most volunteers ever used for a build. Because of all the hard work by those volunteers in not only building, but also fund raising and feeding the workers, we had one of our most successful years financially. Please join us in Rio in 2013 as we build another home. Help us give a family in our area a better chance at economic independence. Volunteer for a day and change a life—maybe even your own. To volunteer, contact Bill Schleichert at 608-697-4434 or
Click here for more details.

ELCA Men in Mission          ELCA Mission Builders
Promise Keepers                 National Center for Fathering

2015 Annual Report
Download a copy of the SCSW LMM Annual Report. Click here.

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