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SCSW Leadership  Development“Thank you for helping us focus on what we do and how we might tell our stories of faith and how those stories draw others to Jesus.”
Pastor Fred Rilling, St John’s – Prairie du Sac

Over 850 Youth Gathered at the Synod's Confirmation Extravaganza to Learn About a Living, Daring, Confident Faith.

Practice DiscipleshipPractice Discipleship
As part of the 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering in New Orleans, the Practice Discipleship Initiative was introduced. Around 10,000 persons were trained resulting in increased networking in synods as well as numerous leaders who rose to serve in their congregations and followed God's call to serve all over the world. Based on that success, the ELCA has approved three more years of the Practice Discipleship Initiative: PD2, PD3, and PD4. This initiative is no longer tied to the youth gathering but is now funded by the ELCA and supported through the ELCA Youth Ministry Network.

What is the Practice Discipleship Initiative?
Fosters faithful, thoughtful, and intentional leaders in congregations who follow Jesus in their daily lives. Practice Discipleship Phase 2 is embodied through seven topics which you are invited to explore using the seven faith practices.

The Practice Discipleship Initiative Will:
EDUCATE: Train leadership to accompany people on their faith journey.
CONNECT:  Develop partnership to strengthen fait formation opportunities for and with young people.
RENEW: Gather leaders for mutual support and encouragement in ministry
This fall you will have the opportunity to participate in Practice Discipleship days that will explore four of these conversations. If you want to experience all seven topics, you will need to attend both track A and track B but if your schedule only allows for one, please join for that part!

WHO is invited?
Pastors, Rostered Persons, Youth Leaders, Lay Leaders, Parents, and any person that wants to grow in their faith. These conversations center around how we grow in faith based on the cultures we live in, the language we use, how to accompany others on the journey, and more. These conversations are especially relevant to those who work with and for youth but they also apply in a general congregational context.

HOW do I join the conversation?
Attend one date from each track. At each Practice Discipleship Day you can expect to engage in four out of the seven topics of conversation. For more info on each topic, go to You can expect to have some take-aways to bring back to your congregation and will experience some fun, fellowship & food!

Leadership Development is One of the Four Key Areas of Work of the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin. It includes:
Cluster Groups
Unbinding the Gospel
Report to the Bishop             
Daring to be Lifelong Disciples
First Call
Bishop’s Convocation
Care of Creation
Lutheran Men in Mission

Women of the ELCA

Upcoming Webinars 2015
Sept 1
 Story of Self and Other with Mindy Makant

Oct 6
Story of Service with Mark Jackson

Nov 3
Story of Faith and Community

Register Now!
Interested in learning about the Practice Discipleship Initiative? This website contains many FREE resources.
Click here.

For More Information about Practice Discipleship please contact:
Brenda Goble South-Central Synod of Wisconsin Practice Discipleship Coach or 608-235-1435

Youth Gathering
About 30,000 youth, adult leaders, volunteers and other Lutherans from around the world gathered in Detroit for the ELCA Youth Gathering under the theme “Rise Up Together.” 573 of those in attendance at the gathering represented congregations from the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin. The event provides leadership development, faith formation, service opportunities and more. A significant aspect of the ELCA Youth Gathering is community service projects throughout the city of Detroit. ELCA Youth Gatherings are held every three years.

Your Generosity Matters

Through your gifts, grants and registration fees, ministry is made possible in the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin to make a difference in the lives of congregations and individuals, equipping them to be gospel in their world.

Core Functions GraphMission 67%

Leadership Development 15%

Care of
Congregations 12%

Global &
Ecumenical 6%

Based on 2012 budget

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